Cake Decorating Supplies, Candy Making Supplies, and More for Delicious Desserts and Treats

Create delectable candies and desserts that everyone will love. Sweet Treat Supply carries a variety of necessary candy making and cake decorating supplies for home bakers and retail bakeries. From candy molds in a variety of sizes and shapes, to confectionery supplies to help you dress up your finished product, our inventory is tailor made for the baker inside you. Delight your children with some home made hard candy or provide your customers with desserts that will keep them coming back for more.

Get all the supplies you need to make great tasting treats and desserts from

Blommer Corinthian White Chocolate Coating Discs Shamrock Baking Form
Blommer Corinthian White Chocolate Discs - One Pound
Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Regular Price: $3.99
Shamrock Baking Form (49-8121)
Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Oscar Style Statue Award Chocolate Mold - ECAO1118
Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Regular Price: $1.99
One Pound Red Foil Heart Box Candy Box
Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Regular Price: $4.99

Cake Decorating Supplies & Candy Making Supplies

Browse our extensive selection of cake decorating supplies, candy making supplies and more. Sweet Treaty Supply has everything that homemakers, retail bakeries, in-store supermarket bakeries, cake and candy shops and families need. We have high quality, affordable cake and candy making products in a variety of sizes and specifications. Whether you need candy molds, premium chocolate confectioner melts, cake pans, or more, we have it! We are truly your one stop shop for candy making supplies and cake decorating supplies.

We strive to carry the best confectionery supplies available in the market, at a great price. We also strive to deliver exemplary service with each order. You can expect the best service imaginable every single time you order cake decorating supplies, candy making supplies or more from Sweet Treat Supply. Feel free to contact us at 309-747-2125 if you have any questions at all. If you do not find what you are looking for, let us know, and we will obtain it for you!

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