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Top quality Thermometers for your candy making and cake decorating needs

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Chocolate Tempering Thermometer ChocoMaker Chocolate Candy Melter Chocomaker Fondue Tray
Chocolate Tempering Thermometer
Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Regular Price: $12.24
3 in stock!
ChocoMaker Chocolate Candy Melter - 2 Pound Capacity
Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Regular Price: $34.99
5 in stock!
Chocomaker Fondue Candy Melter Tray
Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Regular Price: $24.99
10 in stock!
ChocoMaker Silicone Fondue Insert Make 'n Mold Digital Candy Thermometer Taylor Classic Tube Candy Thermometer
ChocoMaker Silicone Fondue Insert (9831-CM)
Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Regular Price: $10.99
8 in stock!
Digital Candy Thermometer - 11-1/2"
Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Regular Price: $12.99
26 in stock!
Taylor Candy Thermometer - 5978N
Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Regular Price: $3.99
6 in stock!
Wilton Chocolate Candy Melting Pot
Wilton Chocolate Candy Melter
Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Regular Price: $34.99
6 in stock!

Digital Candy Thermometers

Most baking enthusiasts know there is a certain degree of science behind the baking process. Whether or not you abide by the principles, there is a certain technique required to create that perfect soufflé or hard candy mix – and our baking thermometers make that process much easier to perfect. Take the guesswork out of your baking by investing in the best candy thermometer out there.

Imagine that gooey, soft consistency as you bite into a piece of decadent chocolate fudge. Or think about the sweet flavor of your favorite homemade hard candy. Those goodies don’t usually turn out that way by chance – unless you’ve made these treats a thousand times, a baking thermometer is a kitchen necessity. This simple instrument will transform how your favorite sweet treats turn out, whether you’re looking for a candy deep fry thermometer or a chocolate tempering thermometer.

Impress your friends – and even yourself – with how delicious your baked goods turn out when you use one of our thermometers, available here at great prices. What’s more, we ship orders quickly so you won’t have long to wait before you can test your new thermometer out for yourself. And with any orders over $100, you’ll get free shipping, too. Order your thermometer today and enjoy perfect sweets straight from your very own kitchen in no time!

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